Concrete Experimentation


In order to test concrete’s thickness and experiment with different mixtures I used four different recipes and created four moulds with three different thicknesses. One 10mm deep, one 20 mm deep and another one 30mm deep. For the mixtures I used four different types of concrete and recipes. The first recipe is the most common type of concrete, which consists of cement, water, sand and aggregate. Then I used the same mixture and added layers of scrim inside the mould for structural strength. For the third mixture I used a combination of cement, sand, water and fibreglass in order to achieve strength and lightness. The last mixture was a combination of cement, water and newspaper.

I created more samples (concrete cups) of the newspaper concrete mix due to its very low environmental impact and its recyclability. I managed to create a bowl made out of the mixture. The results were interesting and the material might be used in a future project of mine.

concrete_post_1 concrete_post_2 concrete_post_3 concrete_post_4 concrete_post_5 concrete_post_6

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