Making of Cochlea

The model of Cochlea is constructed mainly by wood. First, 260 slices of 12mm MDF, taken from the 3d model, were cut using a laser cutter. Then they were glued together in order to create the outer form. The front part of the bench was created in the same way. Afterwards, the form was sanded and then painted. The final piece is intended to be made out of concrete. The purpose of the full scale model was to create a similar user experience as the concrete object. Also it is intended to be used as the master object for the creation of the one piece rubber mould.

making_of_cochlea_post_1 making_of_cochlea_post_2 making_of_cochlea_post_3 making_of_cochlea_post_4 making_of_cochlea_post_5 making_of_cochlea_post_6

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