Prototyping/Cochlea full scale prototype

The construction of the full scale prototype was a challenging and informative process. It was important to be created in full scale so it would be possible to deploy it and test its design and discover any practical issues.

The material that was chosen to be used was concrete. Concrete was chosen due to its characteristics of being a strong and long lasting material. Concrete is ideal as a material for outdoor furniture because it has a very low cost of maintenance. Also it one of the main materials of the urban environment. It would be a challenge to create a natural and thin form out of a material that usually used to construct buildings and other heavy structures.

prototyping_cochlea_full_scale_prototype_post_1 prototyping_cochlea_full_scale_prototype_post_2

The full scale prototype was made by creating a polystyrene skeleton of the indented shape and then adding cement and concrete filler to the outside surface in order to give the feeling of a concrete structure. The intention was to create a similar to the final visual result without the weight of an actual concrete structure which would made the deployment afterwards much more difficult.

prototyping_cochlea_full_scale_prototype_post_3 prototyping_cochlea_full_scale_prototype_post_6 prototyping_cochlea_full_scale_prototype_post_5 prototyping_cochlea_full_scale_prototype_post_4

In the beginning the bench consisted of two parts, the sitting part and the upper part. In order to bond these two pieces together, the inside surface was coated from top to bottom with two layers of fibreglass (300 gsm). After the process of the fibreglass, the inside surface was covered with plaster and painted white in order to create a difference with the outside colour of the concrete surface. The sitting part was added and bolted on the concrete surface and the deployment started.

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